Dear Management,

Dear Management,

I owe you an apology. I have misled you by listening to someone who misled me instead of building my own opinion based on the sources that someone lied out. That said, I have been wrong by repeating rants, and inventing my own once based on a false premise. As a math teacher of mine once explained to me: Based on a false premise you can proof anything.

I found people willing to challenge my belief system, and I thank these people for that. They made me go the hard path to building my own opinion on the topic, and on the sources that the one who initially misled me pointed to. I was amazed that I came to a different understanding. A similar one in some sort of ways, a different one in the most basic claims of that other person. I am thankful for having the opportunity to learn something from this.

And now, beware alpha animal like betrayer of my thoughts. You not only lost a follower of your rants when I reached my own insights, but you also lost my respect. From now on I will tell others about my perspective on things, and where I think you have been astray. I will provide my own picture, and criticize your ideas wherever I feel it’s appropriate. I will warn others from you, if you cannot back up your claims with references. I can.

Sincerely yours
learning employee, and hardest critique.

An Afternote

I didn’t relate this to any real thing that happened in the text in the hope that you will notice how and where you have been misled in the past. Instead of being depressed about it, recognize your failure, learn from it, and confront the other person with your new insights. The worst thing that might happen is that you find out that this particular person is not interested in debating. In that case make sure to turn your Bozo filter on. Things could be worse.

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