WeekNight Testing Live

Last Wednesday we had a WeekNight Testing session. There was something special about this session. It was announced as a live session. Mike Scott contacted me in February, asking whether I could organize a live session in Hamburg, while they were bringing in a gig at SkillsMatter in London. Earlier in March we got also a session organized in San Francisco by Lisa Crispin. So we ran the session in parallel in three different locations. Besides the official session report, here are some thoughts on how I ran the session in Hamburg.

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ObjektForum Nord on Akzeptanztests

Tonight I held a presentation on acceptance test-driven development. The slides to my presentation are now uploaded to slideshare. They’re in German, so don’t try to fix your monitor if you can’t read a thing.

Akzeptanztests from Markus Gärtner

Some of the online resources and books I mentioned:

One of the themes I discussed later was related to Gojko’s blog entry on Simulating your way out of regression testing. When do we throw away an acceptance test and how to get rid of too much ballast? I would love to explore this question in more depth in the next few months. I sense a blog entry coming up here, so stay tuned about this.

It was a pleasant evening. Thank you all for attending.

“We don’t need no education…”

“… we don’t need no thought control.” Today I heard this song during a sports course from CD, and was reminded about a piece I read last week, and my reaction on it. Before I start let me mention that I don’t intend to offend you if you have put work into the ISTQB (or any other test certification) syllabus, or if you are teaching it. I truly believe that your intentions were quite reasonable at the time when you started to work on it. That said, if your kids are watching over your should right now, send them to bed, or playing while you read the following.

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