Jetpack Testing Challenge

In his talk on Micro-scale retro-futurist anarcho syndicalism Brian Marick about the retro-futurism portion of his movement. He says that he was promissed a jetpack, and wonders where his jetpack now is. Some time ago, Alistair Cockburn made me aware of the Martin JetPack. Let’s turn this into a testing challenge.

Product: The Martin JetPack

Test the Martin JetPack for any problems a daily user of it may run into. Check any usability problems, problems in functionality, and anything that could harm the health of the user. Please consider that we might want to get an approval from any public transportation law to use this.

Please leave comments to my blog or drop me a line.

Teaching from the back of the room

During the last week I made some experiences using the material form the Accelerated Learning method. Motivated from the enthusiasm from my colleagues Stefan Roock and Henning Wolf, I read the book from Sharon Bowman about Training from the BACK of the room! The insights I got from reading it are great, and I was lucky enough to immediately apply them during training courses over the past week. Here are my findings about it, what I did, and what I might do in the future with the insights I got.

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The German Given/When/Then fallacy

In late 2010 I heard from my colleague Stefan Roock who organized some Story Test Workshops, or – rather – Story Test Dojos. At one client, he asked to write collaboratively story tests using the Given/When/Then schema from the behavior-driven development. However, he experienced one fallacy there, which one of the Product Owner fell into.

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Test Challenge: On the first software testing team…

Here is a testing challenge, that Eusebiu Blindu and Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van Delft motivated today. Let me know what you would do.

Consider yourself to be on the first software testing team back in 1958 at the Project Mercury, NASA. No one ever did something like this, though the activities might be around. How would you test this? Please provide your testing strategy, and approach.

Collaborative Test Chartering

Inspired from the EuroSTAR 2010 Exploratory Test Management roundtable I had an idea, which I would like to play with a little. Since it doesn’t seem as if I will get to it too soon, I decided to put it up on my blog, and maybe get some feedback from peers and early adopters who are eager to play around with the idea, and can provide me with feedback. Now, the idea is to collaboratively come up with test charters for all the Exploratory Testing sessions on your project.

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Compared to what until now for whom?

I got a headache, and I’m not speaking about my latest mention on the Simon Morley’s curiously named blog. It’s more about tiny little questions I keep on hearing when someone says something which is vague in nature. I hope to get rid of these headaches once I have written them down. So, for my first post in 2011, here it comes.

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