So…, I got a bit rusty lately

I recall discussions in the early software craft days on the mailing lists. One thread, in particular, comes to mind today, that was about whether a good crafter should learn a new programming language every year to learn new coding styles and paradigms, and maybe bring those back to their usual work environment.

Last year, Craig Larman recommended learning the programming language Rust to help, especially with embedded programming. Linus Torvalds also allowed Rust as a third language in the Linux kernel development around the same time. It took me a while to actually try it when I found the perfect for me pet project to dive into.

Over the next couple of blog entries, I want to dive into some of my learnings and approaches. Today, let me give you an introduction to the project I picked for my personal Rust learning curve, where I am, and maybe give you an update now and then about the things I still have open to learn.

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