Structured Exploratory Testing – an oxymoron?

Michael Bolton beat me on blogging about it. Though, I still want to throw in my pieces to the structure in Exploratory Testing debate. The source of the conversation was

On Twitter, Johan Jonasson reported today that he was about to attend a presentation called “Structured Testing vs Exploratory Testing”.

as Bolton writes. The implication of the talk is probably, that Exploratoy Testing and Structured Testing are opposite and mutually exclusive. Let’s see if this holds.

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Management 3.0

Last week I was fortunate to attend Jurgen Appelo‘s class on Management 3.0 in Hamburg, Germany. When Matt Heusser hit me to Jurgen’s Top200 Blogs for Software Developers in 2009, I sensed that Mr. Appelo had a unique view on software development. Last year he finished his book on Management 3.0, and accompanying the course we got a free copy of it. While I had read the stuff from Weinberg on Management, one of my goals was to find out what management is. Though I couldn’t achieve this goal in Jurgen’s class, I got some nice and unexpected take-aways from the training.

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