The Three Ages in Testing

On my way back from the Agile Practitioners Conference 2013 in Tel Aviv, Isreal I digest lots of information and bar discussion content. After attending Dan North‘s tutorial on Tuesday, I have six sheets of paper on notes with me, that will probably fill my writing buffer for the next half year. Time to get started. Here I connect Dan’s model of the Three Ages to Software Testing.

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The Satir Change Model and Kaizen

Right before Christmas I crossed a write-up of Al Shalloway about Kanban being the integration of Deming, Ohno, Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, Satir and Nonaka. At a similar time I finished Jerry Weinberg‘s most recent book Experiential Learning Volume 3 – Simulation. Jerry explains the Satir Change Model in such a great way, that I would like to elaborate a bit more on the relevance of the model particular for Kanban.

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2012 retrospective – Addendum: The articles

Happy New Year!

I was not going to blog about this, but it turns out that this twitter conversation between Lisa Crispin and Meike Mertsch prompted me to it. So, here are the articles I wrote in 2012. Since I write in two languages, I decided to separate them between my English and German articles. I also try to just mention the ones that were published in 2012, not necessarily written.

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