“How do you do all that stuff?”

I am often approached with the question whether I cloned myself. At least, when taking a look on the amazon pages for my book, this might be the case; yet I more seriously added my amazon accounts as authors for both the German and the American amazon pages.

A few months ago I had an interesting coaching session on whether or not I am burned out (there are questionnaires for this, I would claim these results do not hold for me), I put on too much work, etc. During that session I found myself confronted with the Diathesis-stress model which explains a lot of my thoughts around this topic.

While I write this, I am in Hamburg, Germany. So, imagine a ship. A ship has a keel, an anchor, a loading depth, and how deep the water currently goes. These four factors influence how fast a ship may sail. Let’s take a look on these four factors, and how they relate to the model as an analogy.

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