Lessons Learned from Context-driven testing

There has been some fluff and rumor around context-driven testing yesterday. Some folks even talked about the death of context-driven testing. Most of it was issued by the about page from Cem Kaner. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead, read it now, I will wait here.

Back? Alright. Now, I would like to take a pick on what context-driven testing means to me, and why I think the whole schools concept can help us shape something. These are the rough ideas I had around a proposal for CAST 2012 which was not accepted. It is based on the combination of the schools concept with complexity thinking and the CDE-model. Oh, you don’t know that one? I will introduce it.

Here is the abstract that I submitted:

Title: Significant Differences and Transforming Exchanges
In this workshops participants will apply three different concepts from complexity thinking to the schools of software testing model. The three different concepts – containers, differences, and transformational exchanges – will be explained in the workshop. We will directly apply complexity thinking to the schools of testing, and discuss where we see the schools help to shape different containers, what the significant differences between the schools are, and how transformational exchanges between the different schools could happen, and maybe where they will even fail.

Armed with these tools, we will discuss how to evolve our craft of software testing, eventually extending the the concept of the different schools of thought, and find platforms for transforming software testing for the 21st century.

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Binary Kata

There are only 10 types of people in the world:

  • Those who understand binary
  • Those who don’t

How is your binary today?

If you want to become one of the former group, here is a coding kata for you. I derived this from a tester at a client who is currently pursuing his Computer Science degree. While he was asking for help on an exercise, we came up with the idea, that this exercise would be a pleasant coding kata.

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Let’s meet, let’s confer

Here are a bunch of dates on my schedule. I am always pleased to meet new people. So, let’s confer.

Phew. Quite a list. There are a few dates missing, but I will wait to get confirmation on them before making them public.

In between, I hope to see the relese of my book “ATDD by Example”. I just found out yesterday that Amazon.com put up the publishing dates as the 9th of June. But I am a bit skeptical about that.