Scaling Agile Anti-Maturity Model

Scaling Agile appears to be a common topic these days. Of course there are good advices and bad advices on how to do that. But how do you know which is which? A few weeks back I came up with the idea of an anti-maturity model. If you have dealt with a few maturity models in the past, these usually run from level 1 to level 5, where level 5 means more mature. My anti-maturity model runs differently, with level 0 indicating that you are probably on the right track, and level MAX_INT that you are probably not doing to well. Why does this scale run differently? As part of my work, I realized there is always someone out there who can come up with an even worse way of doing things than that other guy that I thought was worst.

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As all these years, I went to the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam, Germany. On Tuesday evening I received an award for being the “Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person” 2013. Since this is an award based upon votes on the internet, I want to say thank you for voting for me.

I had prepared a speech, but didn’t deliver it fully. Here is the full thing that I prepared.

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