On Patterns

A few years ago, my superior at my job at that time asked me to try to note down what I had in mind about testing, and how to approach test automation. He also convinced me to try out the commonly in use form of patterns. Inspired by those Design Patterns, Fearless Change Patterns, Apprenticeship Patterns, xUnit Test Patterns, I sat down and started to write patterns on function test automation, and the thing we used to call ATDD…

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An article and an interview

The Software Test & Quality Assurance magazine has an interview from Matt Heusser with me in their issue for this month. The column is called Ask The Tester and I answer ten questions from the experienced software testers in it. You need to sign up to access the material, but it’s free of charge (and of ads).

On another note I wrote an article on how to develop software development for the current issue of the Agile Record.

Agile Testing Days: Alternative Paths for Self-Education in Software Testing

Last week, I attended the Agile Testing Days in Berlin. I presented on Wednesday afternoon on how to self-educate yourself in Software Testing. I uploaded the slides to slideshare.

Alternative Paths For Self Education In Software Testing Webinar from Markus Gärtner

In early September I did a webinar on the same presentation. You can access and download the webinar at the EuroSTAR pages.