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The Deliberate Tester – Chapter 8 – The First Project

Rob Lambert put up the final chapter from The Deliberate Tester. In the eighth chapter, Peter’s boss asks him to get onto his first project. He immediately starts to certify everyone, … oh no, he makes some suggestions to the customer on how to test their application.

It has been quite some work to write this throughout the year, but it has been great fun. I don’t think I will extend this series soon, as I currently feel like I have to limit my work-in-progress for writing. I hope you liked this nice little story. Thanks for reading.

Summer hole

In Germany there is a smaller stream of news hitting the newspapers. It’s called the summer hole in that time. I seem to encounter a similar trouble right now. Though there are now some updates that I would like to share. August so far is pretty busy, but I felt that I couldn’t keep these any longer than necessary.

First off, the Software Testing Club published chapter 6 of my little tale about a tester. Check out The Deliberate Tester chapter 6 called The Presentation here. I have planned two more chapters so far. In case there won’t be any new ideas, I will end this mini series by then.

Second, I scheduled a webinar with the EuroSTAR conferences during their webinar week. The webinar will be on Alternative Paths for Self-education in Software Testing and it will be on September 10th 2010, 2pm London Local Time. Check out this link to check when this will be your local time. The talk will be a shorter version of the conference presentation, filled with topics such as Cem Kaner’s Black-box software testing course, Bach’s buccaneer scholar lessons, as well as Weekend Testing and the Miagi-Do school of software testing.

Last, but not least, we are currently in serious trouble in the European Weekend Testing chapter. Given the fact that two of our most active facilitators change jobs over summer, we need help to continue this great community. So, in case you are interested in helping us out, generating new ideas, or just helping with session preparations, please get in touch with me. Thanks. It’s engaging, and it’s a learning in its own rights.