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An experiment on Quality and Time

Having recently finished The Gift of Time, a gift written by 15 authors for Jerry Weinberg‘s 75th birthday in 2009, and a present from Michael Bolton when I met him for the first time in 2010, I am inspired by a thought experiment based on two chapters in that book.

The first one is the one from Michael Bolton himself where he defines the Relative Rule:

A description of something intagible as “X” really means “X to some person, at some time”.

The other chapter is from Bent Adsersen on “Time – and how to get it”. I have written before on Michael Bolton’s Relative Rule here. Bent adds a new perspective on the time factor to it. So, I will start with that.

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Quality, Value, and how all of this might help

Over the past week I was surprised to receive a pingback from Eusebiu Blindu on Quality is value to some person at some time. He raises some very conscious thoughts about the term quality, value, and the Relative Rule from Michael Bolton, so make sure to read it, as I will explain some nuances from the Quality Software Management Series from Jerry Weinberg that should explain the pieces I left out so far.

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Craftsmanship and Quality

Currently there is a thread ongoing on the XP mailing list. Based on a rant from Nick Robinson, the discussion started about programmers that take pride in their work as opposed to programmers that just do that coding stuff. Today, Kurt Häusler wrote a reply in which he states his experience. You should go and read it – now – the initial rant from Robinson is in there, too. I’ll wait here for you to come back.

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