The worst thing about electronic tools

A couple of weeks back, I became aware of a fact about electronic tools that gives a large drag to using it. I see lots of teams struggle with electronic tools. Most of the times these work with a raped bug-tracking tool used for – well, I think – status reporting towards their ScrumMaster during the daily Scrum meeting. That’s broken on so many levels – at least that’s what most team members reported to me when a particular tool was inflicted on them. The infliction usually happens either by sunken cost syndrome (“we invested XXXXX amount of money in that, you need to use it!”) or other self-imposed factors causes (“we work on twelve different planets”, “this paper thing is too touchy for me”, “we are green here, we don’t kill trees”). Let’s explore some of the reasons behind that, and try to come up with clues on why these are broken, and what I think the worst thing about these is.

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