Some surveys on the state of our craft

One of my colleagues made a claim yesterday which I would like to put some numbers on. I raised the question on twitter, and received suspicious answers about the numbers of my colleague. Please forward this survey to anyone you know who is programming: It consist of just four question, so you should be able to answer them in a few minutes.

Over twitter I also received the feedback that things are worse for testers. I would like to put numbers on that as well. Therefore I also put up an equally small survey for tester: Please forward this survey to anyone in the software business that you know of.

From time to time to I will publish some of the results. I aim for end of January for the first set of data.

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5 thoughts on “Some surveys on the state of our craft”

    1. Hi Malini,

      the clue is that you don’t have to in order to fill out the form. Pick the option indicating that you don’t know what it is (“why donyou write that in all caps?”)

      Best Markus

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