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Pro-rating Testing Challenge

I am currently reviewing a book on domain testing. While doing that I realized I can put up a testing challenge based on what I annoyed my colleagues with a few years back. I disabled comments on this post in order not to spoilt future visitors of my blog. You will have to find another way to respond to this.

Imagine a service which is rated on a monthly basis like Spotify, Watchever (they don’t pay me for writing this blog), pay-TV, phone lines, or mobile phones. Usually that means that you have a fixed monthly rate.

Now, the business prescribe that you have a monthly fee that you need to pay. For example for Spotify premium this is 9.99 EUR, and something else for some other service. The business rules also provide that you can cancel this service mid-month before payment. Then you will be charged only the pro-rated amount of the monthly fee for the current month. For example, if the payment period starts on the 1st of the month, and you cancel the service on the 3rd of the month on a 30 day month, you will only pay 2/30th of the monthly fee for the final month.

Unfortunately we deal with a larger system. In that system the pro-rating is transporting from the domain subsystem to the billing subsystem via the percentage of the prorating. That means that for the above scenario we will trigger some process on the billing backend with 1/15th in percent, yielding 6,666666666667 percent. The value used here is a double-precision floating point value.

Analyze this program (consisting of both subsystems) for interesting variables, what could go wrong, and how would you test it?

Tester Challenge Summary

A while ago I put up a challenge for software testers. Here is the mission I used back then:

Regression Test Calculator

Test the regression test calculator for any flaws you can find. You might gain bonus points, if you can find out how the calculation is done. Another set of bonus points if you can come up with a better approach.

In the meantime I found out that Ajay Balamurugadas actually found the link to the website, and sent it to James and Michael. I think he deserves some special kudos for this.

These are the responses I received.

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Jetpack Testing Challenge

In his talk on Micro-scale retro-futurist anarcho syndicalism Brian Marick about the retro-futurism portion of his movement. He says that he was promissed a jetpack, and wonders where his jetpack now is. Some time ago, Alistair Cockburn made me aware of the Martin JetPack. Let’s turn this into a testing challenge.

Product: The Martin JetPack

Test the Martin JetPack for any problems a daily user of it may run into. Check any usability problems, problems in functionality, and anything that could harm the health of the user. Please consider that we might want to get an approval from any public transportation law to use this.

Please leave comments to my blog or drop me a line.

Test Challenge: On the first software testing team…

Here is a testing challenge, that Eusebiu Blindu and Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van Delft motivated today. Let me know what you would do.

Consider yourself to be on the first software testing team back in 1958 at the Project Mercury, NASA. No one ever did something like this, though the activities might be around. How would you test this? Please provide your testing strategy, and approach.