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Exploratory testing as empirical process control

Over the course of the past year, I had the opportunity to work with some great trainers. I learned a lot from them, and by delivering co-trainings together. Today, I decided it was time to reflect on some of that stuff. Blog entries work great for me to do so. Here is a first blog entry in a series of entries to come.

Stick long enough into testing, and you will face an argument pro or contra traditional test cases. Most of us have been there. Most of us know what worked for them in the past. Most of us won’t agree with each other. During a particular co-training, I became aware and reminded again about process control, and realized why I think exploratory testing is better suited in most software development shops around. Let’s see what process control consists of, and check in which of the models testing falls, and where exploratory testing can help you.

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