Lean Startup Testing

A while ago I started reading the book The Lean Startup – How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses from Eric Ries. Some of my colleagues already propagated some of the insights from the Lean Startup, and I heard about the Lean Startup for the first time back in November 2010 while attending a workshop with Kent Beck (see a write-up here).

I wasn’t aware that I read about some contents of the book from a different perspective. Back in 2009 Michael Bolton and James Bach reported on testing an internet application which was from their perspective more than buggy. Even continuous deployment didn’t help much there. The company, IMVU, was mentioned throughout the book by Eric. So, I was curious now about the connection between Lean Startups and Testing. Despite the chapter with the name “Test” in it, I wasn’t surprised that I have to make that connection myself.

Since Phil Kirmham asked for a perspective from my point when he saw I was reading the book, I wanted to share my insights I got from the book, and my vision for testing in a Lean Startup.

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