The World Quality Report

On one of my newsfeed recently an article turned up claiming that cloud computing pushes the demand for quality forward. The referenced study is nothing less than the World Quality Report.

I was about to rant about this, and the flaws I see starting with the fact that with Capgemini, Sogeti and HP at least two cloud computing companies have paid for this study and report. But I figured that for the majority of my readers wouldn’t be necessary at all. You are probably aware that Quality is value to some person (Quality Software Management – Volume 1 Systems Thinking, Gerald M. Weinberg, Dorset House), and that the number three obstacle to innovation is the single solution belief – the belief that modern psychology has all the right answers (Becoming a Technical Leader, Gerald M. Weinberg, Dorset House).

So, go ahead, read the report for yourself, and leave me any flaws and/or supportive statements in the comments.