My Top 5 blog entries

Darren McMillan asked me today about my TOP 5 blog entries which I would recommend handing out. So, I sat down today and skimmed over my blog entries from the past. I was realy delighted and got many insights about stuff that I had nearly forgotten about. So, in the end I decided to share them with my readers as well here. Though, I had problems limiting my blog entries to just five, but I tried to categorize them as good as possible.


What is this thing called Professionalism?

Testing in the days of Software Craftsmanship
How we do testing in the days while Software Craftsmanship grew up.

Exploratory Techniques

Inspectional Testing
A write-up of a parallel between Exploratory Testing and a book I was reading at that time.


Testing and Management Mistakes
This is actually a series of blog entries. It describes the Satir Communication Model and why we have the duty to tell our managers what bothers us – and maybe how to do this.

Quality is value to some person at some time
A write-up of an extension of Bolton’s Relative Rule

The Testing equals Quality fallacy
Testing does not mean to bring Quality by definition. Here is why.

Skillset Development
How do we develop skills? And what does this have to do with software development?


Key practices for Software Test Managers
What a new software test manager should be aware of.

Mapping practices for personnel development
An exercise I used for my testers to help them develop further

Software Testing Craftsmanship influence o personal development plans
This is the theory to the one above


The Needle Eye Pattern
A pattern I found worthwhile for unit-testing my test automation code

Patterns for Test Automation
An overview of Test Automation approaches

Configuration Unit Tests
Unit Testing of an large and complex configurations.

Test Automation

Park Calc Automation – Getting Started
Another series on test automation

The second system effect in software test automation
A guide for test automation without large maintenance burden

Take your pick :)

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4 thoughts on “My Top 5 blog entries”

    1. For most them while I was going over the entries, I remembered “Oh, I was really passionate in writing this up” or “Oh, that one was a great insight I had the other day”. Most of them were really fast back on my mind when going through the list of 180 (or so) blog entries overall. That’s why I think they are mostly meaningful – at least to me.

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  1. Hi Markus,

    Thank you for doing this, like you said you have far to many blog posts for me ever to read so I thought you might be able to share the one’s you consider you’re best that I could hopefully pick up a few ideas from.



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