Reactions on Tom deMarcos article in IEEE

Here is a wrap-up of the blog entries and articles that were written as a reaction on Tom deMarcos article in the IEEE.

Michael Bolton wrote an article on stickyminds that seem to relate to deMarcos Software Engineering: An Idea whose time has come and gone. In fact Michael writes in great detail about Weinberg’s first-, second- and third-order measurements and how they relate to each other. As one of the poor persons not having read Weinberg’s Quality Software Management series (yet), it gave myself a good introduction into the topic.

Jeff Patton reacts on this with a predication towards Software Craftsmanship. As a reaction on this entry Ralf Westphal concluded a hair-raising entry on his blog where the position of the engineering analogy is fostered.

In fact, Alistair Cockburn has written an article dealing with the end of Software Engineering more than one year ago. He concludes that economic cooperative gaming is an alternative to the engineering approach. Cockburn gives a detailed discussion on the Engineering term and why it failed from his point of view.

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