Overview of Agile Testing

In the just released July issue of the Software Test and Performance Magazine there is an article from Matt Heusser, my mentor in the Miagi-Do School of Software testing, and Chris McMahon introducing to the most basic terms surrounding Agile Testing. Before they both wrote them down, I was able to provide some feedback on it. It seems to be enough feedback to get a mentioning at the end of the article. Basically I’m pleased to be able to provide my help.

Since I mentioned the Miagi-Do School, I have to make clear that the term school is not meant in the Kuhnian way. James Bach pointed out to me that he uses the term school regarding the five schools of software testing (Analytic, Standard, Quality, Context-driven and Agile) as a school of thought in such a way. This means that to adapt a mindset. Like James put me out, there are few circumstances where being driven by the context is contra-productive and made me think about three such situations. By the way: Can you think of three situations where being driven by the context of the situation is unnecessary?

From my understanding that I got from Matt’s Miagi-Do school it is not to be understood in the Kuhnian way.

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