TDDing, Pairing and overcoming common prejudices

Just read a wise posting from Mike Hill on Pairing and TDDing. Here are two points I want to cite. I hope I will raise your attention for more. If so, read the full article, it’s worth your time.

You can not go faster by shorting internal quality unless you are a noob.

Taking a step back and improving the internal quality is the best decision you can make – and you can make this decision tomorrow, today, now.

The hard part of programming is the thinking…, and pairing and TDDing both improve it.

This is true. During February we had a project struggling for about half a year. With one and a half tester we were able to automate the open-ended tests in just two weeks. On a previous customer one year earlier we had struggled with it for nearly one year. This came from the kickstart in the thinking before starting test automation – which I consider software development in my context.

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