Mindful readings today

James Bach posted a delighted comment on Michelle Smith’s experiences with new colleagues. Reading through her blog entry, I was delighted myself. Currently I’m hoping to be able to participate in the Rapid Software Testing course during this year as well.

On a side note there was a reference in Michelle’s entry to another interesting point for testers: knowledge sharing. After reading through it, I have to admit that the software testing profession needs more sharing of thoughts. Personally I hope to be able to do my degree of share for our profession with most of the entries here. Unfortunately during day to day work I experience quite the opposite attitude – even now during critical times.

Another interesting blog article from today is Matt Heusser’s call for The History of Ideas in Software Testing. The idea seems to be great to me. Unfortunately I have just been three years involved in the business and still need to cover up on most of the things so that I could not contribute worthwhile references so far.

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