Markus Gärtner

This is the homepage of Markus Gärtner, software craftsman who specializes in testing, development, project management, people and general systems thinking.

In 2005 I received my German diploma in computer science from the University of Bielefeld. After university I joined Orga Systems GmbH as a software tester, and later as a software testing group leader. Since 2010 I work for it-agile GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, as an Agile tester, consultant, trainer, and coach. I specialized in Acceptance Test-driven development, Exploratory Testing, and skillful human testing which includes the whole development cycle from idea, vision, coding, finally on to delivery and maintenance.

In 2010 I co-founded the European chapter in Weekend Testing. In the Miagi-Do school of Software Testing I am a black-belt instructor (2nd dan), contribute to the ATDD-Patterns writing community as well as the Software Craftsmanship movement. Regularly I present at Agile and testing conferences, as well as dedicating myself to writing about testing, foremost in an Agile context.

Software Testing, Craftsmanship, Leadership and beyond