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Teaching from the back of the room

During the last week I made some experiences using the material form the Accelerated Learning method. Motivated from the enthusiasm from my colleagues Stefan Roock and Henning Wolf, I read the book from Sharon Bowman about Training from the BACK of the room! The insights I got from reading it are great, and I was lucky enough to immediately apply them during training courses over the past week. Here are my findings about it, what I did, and what I might do in the future with the insights I got.

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Why is it so hard to teach “what we started to call ATDD”?

Four months have nearly past since I started my new job at it-agile GmbH. Lots of things have happened since then. I got to know many teams, I learned lots about design, architecture, test-driven development, and also about testing. This blog entry is about the experiences I made since September in teaching ATDD, – I deliberately name it ATDD since I haven’t found a more suitable name, but I know that name should be replaced with something different – and what I plan to work on in the next year.

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